Frequently Asked Questions

What motoring benefits will be achieved through re-mapping?

Results will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but typically the re-mapped vehicle will enjoy the following benefits immediately:

  • increased performance
  • increased torque
  • increased fuel efficiency
  • prolonged life of the engine, due to increased efficiencies
  • As a guide, these gains could be typically quantified as follows:
  • Road vehicles: 20-30% more power
  • Agriculture (turbo): 25-35% more power

As a result of these gains, our clients are able to work faster. For example, a client of ours has achieved a 6-13% fuel saving on his tractors; and his harvesters now use five liters of fuel less per hectare.

Note: agricultural vehicles vary considerably. 


What sort of vehicles do you work with?

We can re-map most of the following vehicles and machinery, depending on make or model, the key is if your vehicle has an electronic injection pump or common rail fuel system:

  • trucks
  • buses
  • tractors
  • agricultural vehicles, harvesters etc
  • cars
  • utes


Will a remap damage my engine?

No, not if the job is completed properly (which we guarantee to do).

 Can anything go wrong?

Yes. If the technician doesn’t know what they are doing, they can:

  • damage the vehicles engine control unit
  • cause the vehicle to go into “limp mode”
  • cause a dangerous “over-boost” in power
  • cause damage to expensive engine parts (including the drive-train)

For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you be very wary of cheap re-mapping solutions, plug-in products etc, especially those that are promoted online. These products are not a substitute for a comprehensive re-mapping carried out by an experienced, qualified re-mapping specialist.

Our technicians are fully-qualified and experienced and we guarantee our results.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes. We guarantee the following:

  • that you will achieve at least a 10% improvement in performance or fuel efficiency, otherwise we will re-map the vehicle until those improvements are achieved. If these improvements are still not achieved, we will refund your re-mapping fee in full;


 What happens if I replace my ECU after it has been re-mapped?

We will re-map your new ECU at no extra cost to you, as long as you are still the owner. 

 What if the manufacturer re-sets my vehicle's software to standard after it has been re-mapped?

We will re-map your new ECU at no extra cost to you, as long as you are still the owner.

 Do I have to bring my vehicle to you?

We are fully capable of re-mapping your vehicle on-site or at our own department. If you can send your ECU to us, we will generally have it re-mapped and returned within a three working day turnaround. Otherwise, we can travel to you and re-map the vehicle on-site. 

How long does a "re-mapping" job take?

We are mindful of our clients need to get their vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible. If you send your ECU to us, a turnaround of around three days (including freight time) would be normal.

The actual writing/re-mapping in the vehicles does not take long. It is the technical background work and costs associated in developing the software that is time consuming. A re-map can be done same day service if we come to you.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary, depending on the vehicle involved.  We provide a fixed-price quote before commencing any job, thereby giving absolute confidence for our clients.  But as a guide, most jobs fall within the range of $900 - $3500.

 Do you offer any discounts for multiple vehicles?

We are happy to discuss a possible discount if you have a number of vehicles in need of re-mapping.

 When do I have to pay you?

Our fee is due upon completion of the job. We may be able to offer terms for larger contracts.

Is it possible to increase power and yet still achieve fuel efficiency?

 Yes. The reasons for this are reasonably complex and technical but please feel free to call us to find out more.

About DPS in Dyno testing, Remapping and ECU Chipping

Diesel Performance Solutions (DPS) has been remapping, (also known as ECU chipping, Diesel tuning, chipping, diesel reprogramming),  ECU's for over 16 years.

DPS develop their our own software for NZ vehicles and NZ conditions. Its research and development, which is based in Waikato NZ, have a Dynamometer (rolling road) to carry out development with HCV (trucks) and also the light ute or car.

DPS's passion and specialty is remapping ECU's on Agricultural and Commercial machines. However, our depth and support easily lends itself to catering for all your remapping needs, including commercial vehicles, trucks, buses and private cars.


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