About our service

ECU remapping will improve diesel performance for your tractor, truck or ute

Most modern trucks, buses, tractors and agricultural machinery have engine control units (ECUs).

The software within these engine control units have been programmed very conservatively by the manufacturer with generic settings, to cater for the most common performance requirements, climatic conditions, fuel quality etc.

These settings can be improved, so that your vehicle will perform optimally for the conditions in which you intend to use it.

When we “re-map” a vehicle, we adjust all the various software settings to make sure the vehicle performs exactly the way our client needs it to perform, in the conditions that the vehicle will be operating in.


About The Performance Shop

We are a division of The Workshop est 1924 Ltd and are located at Shed 2 at 14a Glasgow Road, Pukekohe. 

Our experienced diesel mechanics combined with the team at Diesel Performance Solutions give you a level of expertise not available from any other re-mapping service in the country.