2007 Isuzu Elf N-series case study

If you own one of these trucks you will likely have experienced a few bills from your own workshop around the DPF or DPD system due to forced burn off's or you might have been stopped on the side of the road while it does its thing.

You also may well have noticed having a bit of extra power wouldn't hurt.

Pro-drill are a customer of The Workshop 1924 (that's also us) and they experienced all of the above.  They found it was difficult to put a figure on what this hassle was costing them.

Between ourselves and DPS we solved this issue for good.  DPS remapping process is NOT A PLUG in system (we strongly advise not to use them).   The system we use starts with a real truck on a real NZ truck dyno. 

The software changes are tested and tested and tested again to make sure all of the hundreds of data points make the subtle changes where they are needed.

This takes time and money so you are looking at spending some coin but the results speak for themselves.

Warning- We have heard of cheaper plug and go systems blowing turbo's some 12 months down the track because they don't take into consideration manifold heat...happens a lot and the salesman is never around to answer for it.